I don't have time to say much today, so I'll just leave this playlist and poster combination here for you to enjoy and I'll mention that I've had this playlist complete for over three weeks (but I didn't have time to make the poster until recently).

    august / part two + september / part one
    Keep On Loosening It Up / Rubber Band Gun
    Blood, The Sun & Water / Born Ruffians
    Like a Ship / Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir
    Flawed Translation / Wild Nothing
    Give Me The Chance / Donnie & Joe Emerson
    Wishin' on the Same Star / Pure X
    The Hiding / Kacey Johansing
    Boys Got to Go / BRONCHO
    Last Morning / The New Dawn
    Kaleidoscope Eyes / Liz Cooper & The Stampede
    Just for a Minute / The Sha La Das
    A Long Slow Little Wave/Citizen, an Activity / Loving
    You Look Well / SALES
    Country Noise / New Rose
    Rosa / Strange Names
    Next to You / Sam Evian
    Batman / Plums

P.S. if there are any typos, I apologize. I typed this at an absurd speed. xx



Today I'm dropping in to leave this playlist here for you. I've spent too much time on the poster, but it was a really refreshing to work on. At least I'm a productive procrastinator. This playlist also stole too much of my time and could have come sooner, but it just didn't seem to sound right. I built and rebuilt it four different times. I think at this point it has to be curated perfectly and I hope you find the time to soak in some last rays of sunshine with it before the days get shorter. I'm not sure if I'll find the time, but I hope to make a second playlist for August, so look out for that one.

    august / part one
    Riverside / America
    Up The Stream / Dick Stusso
    He's Just a Dog / Rubber Band Gun
    What / BRONCHO
    Throw It in the River / Young Rival
    How It Used to Be / Carroll
    Ballad of Little Thunder / AndrĂ© Moya
    I Can Treat You Better / Part Time, Ariel Pink
    Groovin' / Aretha Franklin
    It's Ok / The Gloomies
    Don't Want to Say Good-bye / Cut Worms
    Don't Put Me On / Flamin' Groovies
    In Too Deep / Kacey Johansing
    Sweet Lady Missouri / Ceramic Animal
    Island of Women / June West
    All I Wanna Do / The Beach Boys
    Dull Sounds / Casey Golden

Enjoy this one! Until next time. xx



Despite it being summer, the only precious period during which I have free time, I find myself drowning in more work than ever before. But this should come as no surprise. I do this to myself annually. I really have it down to a science by now. As soon as the slightest warm breeze creeps in through my window, I begin planning and taking on projects as if the only time that exists is the terse period known as summer, those glorious three months that seem to be ever-waning, shrinking each year, running too fast for me to catch up (I'm no runner). And specifically as all Julys go, this one flew by at an incomprehensible speed, leaving me with but one playlist. It's a mix of new tunes (lots of them) and some that I come back to every summer. Overall, it's probably one of the most upbeat playlists I've curated in a while. 

Hope you enjoy both the playlist and poster! Until next time. xx



This playlist is a bit late, but I've been listening to it constantly for the last week or so and I can attest to it being a perfect one to listen to on summer drives with the windows down. We had some nice weather for four whole days in a row(!) about a week ago and I spent a lot of time with this playlist. I'm pleased with how it flows and I hope you'll love it too.

I included lots of new music (ok, almost the entire playlist is brand new music) I've been loving including DFIL, The Gloomies' newest single. They've got their debut album coming out July 13th and I'm so excited for it! Give them a listen and enjoy the poster and playlist! xx



Stopping by again to leave a new playlist here. This one was meant to be put up last week, but I never got around to organizing and finishing it until last night, hopefully it's worth the wait. It is comprised of songs that were released recently (with the exception of the Pink Floyd one). And about 90% of those songs give me goosebumps because they're just that good. Hope you enjoy!

    june / part one
    Letting Go / Wild Nothing
    Tainted Heart / Holy Now
    Sitting Still / Michael Rault
    Hi Fidelity / Gabriella Cohen
    Star Treatment / Arctic Monkeys
    Have a Cigar / Pink Floyd
    Before the Water Gets Too High / Parquet Courts
    Real Love / Curtis Roush
    Side Tracked / Born Ruffians
    Cold Clock / Spooky Mansion
    Useless / Stephen Steinbrink
    Anybody / Sam Evian
    Your Girl / Nova One
    Less Than Positive / Michael Nau
    Cash for Gold / Cut Worms
    Keep Falling in Love / Kevin Krauter
    Parachute / Thee Lakesiders

P.S. this poster was very refreshing to make. I went through a long process to get to the final which isn't what I normally allow for my blog, but I'm so glad I did. And Sporting Grotesque (by Lucas Le Bihan from the Velvetyne Type Foundry) is quickly becoming a new go-to font for me. xx