Despite it being summer, the only precious period during which I have free time, I find myself drowning in more work than ever before. But this should come as no surprise. I do this to myself annually. I really have it down to a science by now. As soon as the slightest warm breeze creeps in through my window, I begin planning and taking on projects as if the only time that exists is the terse period known as summer, those glorious three months that seem to be ever-waning, shrinking each year, running too fast for me to catch up (I'm no runner). And specifically as all Julys go, this one flew by at an incomprehensible speed, leaving me with but one playlist. It's a mix of new tunes (lots of them) and some that I come back to every summer. Overall, it's probably one of the most upbeat playlists I've curated in a while. 

Hope you enjoy both the playlist and poster! Until next time. xx

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