(very late) playlists

An extremely late double playlist and poster combination for you today.

    september / part two + october / part one
    Okay My Love / The Sha La Das
    Festina Lente / Soaked Oats
    Break My Heart / Squeeze
    Family Values / BRONCHO
    Good While It Lasted / Old Man Canyon
    She's History / Mega Bog
    Without You / Molly Burch
    Just a Cool Breeze / Floam
    A Tree Not a Leaf Am I / King Khan
    Front to Back / Liam Benzvi
    Merry Go Round / The Equatics
    Cactus Country / Cool Sounds
    Arrow Through Me / Wings
    My Emotions Are Blinding / Tennis
    Who Can We Blame? / June West
    Gladly / The Babe Rainbow
    Smiling Faces / East of Underground

    october / part two
    To the Boys / Molly Burch
    Fire By The River / Harumi
    Baby Don't Believer / Tennis
    Undercover / BRONCHO
    Jean's Ballad / Part Time
    Dark Side / The Shadows of Knight
    Eureka / The Babe Rainbow
    Nylon / Cool Sounds
    Sisters Unarmed / 79.5
    Daily Gazette / PAINT
    Summer Breeze / The Sha La Das
    Burning Out / Strange Names
    Sandman / Jim Sullivan
    Run Away / Old Man Canyon
    These Falling Arms / The Sea and Cake
    L-Over / U.S. Girls
    Right / David Bowie

Hope you enjoy these with both your ears and eyes. I will be catching up one more time this month with my November/December lists before diving deep into my favorites from 2018. Get ready for some rock n roll. xx

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