Today I'm dropping in to leave this playlist here for you. I've spent too much time on the poster, but it was a really refreshing to work on. At least I'm a productive procrastinator. This playlist also stole too much of my time and could have come sooner, but it just didn't seem to sound right. I built and rebuilt it four different times. I think at this point it has to be curated perfectly and I hope you find the time to soak in some last rays of sunshine with it before the days get shorter. I'm not sure if I'll find the time, but I hope to make a second playlist for August, so look out for that one.

    august / part one
    Riverside / America
    Up The Stream / Dick Stusso
    He's Just a Dog / Rubber Band Gun
    What / BRONCHO
    Throw It in the River / Young Rival
    How It Used to Be / Carroll
    Ballad of Little Thunder / AndrĂ© Moya
    I Can Treat You Better / Part Time, Ariel Pink
    Groovin' / Aretha Franklin
    It's Ok / The Gloomies
    Don't Want to Say Good-bye / Cut Worms
    Don't Put Me On / Flamin' Groovies
    In Too Deep / Kacey Johansing
    Sweet Lady Missouri / Ceramic Animal
    Island of Women / June West
    All I Wanna Do / The Beach Boys
    Dull Sounds / Casey Golden

Enjoy this one! Until next time. xx

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