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Hi there! You may or may not have noticed via Instagram that I've been doing a little collaboration with P.F. Candle Co.  I'm helping them release their newest scent, Piñon. Here's what I think of the scent:

Like all of the scents by P.F. Candle Co., Piñon is not intrusive or overwhelming in a space, but instead saturates it in rich, yet gentle wisps. Inspired by the spirit of the early days of autumn, the scent offers an undeniable and familiar warmth--the trailing warmth of the sunny days of the past season, a long sitting beside a bonfire, a lethargic sunset atop the coziness of a heavy wool blanket, a sweet memory with close friends contrasting a crisp night sprinkled with the stars of the vast sky. Besides the instant, comforting warmth Piñon occupies a room in upon lighting a candle or opening a bottle of incense, the scent also possesses strength. Notes of black pepper and the pine it gets its very name from creep out from below the sweetness of vanilla and cinnamon--like a sophisticated, freshly baked snickerdoodle with a kick--to remind us that the comfort is not only a gentle hand, but a rigid support. A velvety blend of contrasting parts effortlessly merge into one beautiful scent washing a room over in a sea of welcome nostalgia and the saccharine enchantment of a new season full of adventures and a special kind of warmth. Essentially, Piñon has the power to make me long for the young days of a season I do not usually adore. And that, I might say, is quite powerful.

You can go snag Piñon here. Enjoy! xx

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