august 17 / one
   Diamond Ring | Aron D'Alesio
   Cold Summer | Crepes
   Swagger vets & Double moon | White Fence
   Daddy Long Legs | Midnight Sister
   yr heart | Hand Habits
   Kind Luck | Night Moves
   Johny Says Stay Cool | The Babe Rainbow
   Blinding Sights (Left Me Cold in the Night) | Yellow House
   High | Bummers
   Love Potion | White Poppy
   Tell Me Things | Joel Jerome, Cosmic Bears
   Coulda Been My Love | Foxygen
   While My Guitar Gently Weeps | The Beatles
   How Was Your Day? | Mellow Fellow, Clairo
   Sun and the Trees | Twin Peaks
   Life Model | Daytime TV
   Map to the Stars | Ducktails

If you haven't already noticed by my very evident lack of journal posts, I've been soooo busy lately. These last couple of weeks have picked up pace and I feel like I'm sprinting non-stop--metaphorically, that is. I don't run. Unless I have no other option. And I'm even late with this here playlist.

Nonetheless, I can't stop listening to this one. It's still ideal for a road trip, brief or lengthy. A winding road through the mountains. A monotonous highway. The drab roads of suburban neighborhoods. Great for those last minute vacationers out there. Maybe to calm the nerves during a flight. To decorate a quiet hotel room. To accompany a trek amongst canyons and caverns. Perfect for soaking up every bit of the sun's rays before they grow weary and soft for autumn. Morning light. Blinding mid-day light. Fading light. Just right for a stroll through a field of daisies. Soft petals on fingers. A blue sky mildly contrasting against glimpses of lively yellow. A handful of fresh ones, gentle heads peeking out from a fist.

I'm planning on getting a journal up (I might skip a week or two or blend everything together like the blur it was) this weekend, maybe. Anyway, I hope you go and soak up all the fading summer sun and enjoy these very wonderful tunes along with all the rays. xx

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