may 17
   Say It Now | Faye Webster
   Days | Daytime TV
   I Must Work & I Must Die | Horsebeach
   You're Not There | Lunch Ladies
   Worship The Sun | Allah-Las
   Shut the Windows | Froth
   Caught in a Lie | Chastity Belt
   Space Program | Drug Cabin
   Girlie | Alexandra Savior
   Were You Saying Something? | Drugdealer
   J-Boy | Phoenix
   In Between | Hand Habits
   Down the Line | Beach Fossils
   Creation Bound | Flesh Panthers
   You Don't Know This Guy | Her's
   Jennifer | Fazerdaze
   Hold On | Mike Edge
   Daydreams | The Velveteins
   For the First Time | Mac Demarco
   Golden Days | Whitney
   Plants | Crumb
   Timeline | Mild High Club
   The Addicts | Paul Cherry
   Sun's Out | Hoops
   Remember Why | The Holydrug Couple
   I Love You Still | Molly Burch
   A Day In The Life | The Beatles

It's been a few months (wow!) since I've been here. I never intended on taking such a lengthy break from blogging, but up until this weekend I've been working every. single. day. since late January, so I never had the chance to stop by. I suppose I've been pretty busy. I feel like it's fitting to provide a short summary of all the occurrences of the last three/four months, but I hardly remember what happened. I mean it all kind of smushes together into a sticky lump and it just becomes hard to pull apart at this point. Essentially, I drew a lot of portraits, packaged a lot of enamel pins, picked up a lot of prints, designed a lot of layouts, listened to a lot of music, spent a lot of time in line at the post office, illustrated a lot, and completed a lot of homework. A lot of everything, except blogging and sleeping.

Anyway, this summer I plan on posting twice a week (I don't know if that will actually happen, though). I'm probably going to cut down to either monthly or bi-monthly playlists and I'll probably end up with a lot of posts about what I did during the week. For now, enjoy this playlist I put together with songs I've been listening to over my absence along with my absolute favorite Beatles song. See you in a few days. Probably. xx

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