best of 2016: pt 3

Oops. It's the end of February, the last day actually, and I'm posting this just now. Better late than never, right? Here's the final installment of my huge best of 2016 list. I might have added a few more albums that I remembered after the fact. Anyway, enjoy these lovely tunes (song, album, and then artist). And take time to listen through all of the albums too.

   best of 2016: pt 3
   Sage Along My Life + Glaziao | Go Cozy
   Easy + Romantic | Slow Hollows
   Went Out + Soft Focus | The Ocean Party
   Solitaire + Fiancé | Fiancé
   Two Kinds + New Misery | Cullen Omori
   No Home To Know + Psalms | Arbes
   Tell Me + The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes | Divino Niño
   Fixes + Please | Plush
   The Not Real Lake + Loving | Loving
   Blood Red Balloon + Curve of the Earth | Mystery Jets
   Turquoise + Influence | Pageantry
   Sandy Kim + Vacation II | Acid Ghost
   (I Don't Feel Like) Giving In + Soft Days | Sea Pinks
   Flowers + Shall We | Goth Babe
   Fuss + Perks | Redspencer
   Been So Long + Eating In Bed | Del Sur
   Sunchokes + Sunchokes | SPORTS
   Butch + Bad Dream | James Bishop
   Heft + Psychopomp | Japanese Breakfast
   Kid Who Stays in the Picture + Hot Hot Heat | Hot Hot Heat
   Shut Up Sugar + Shut Up Sugar b/w Stray Dog Strut | The Buttertones (sort of a single, but it's great...)
   Human Ceremony + Human Ceremony | Sunflower Bean
   Hypatia + Hypatia | Wray
   Idée Fixe + Oh Inhuman Spectacle | Methyl Ethel
   Patience + Disappear Here | Bad Suns
   Lupita + Neighbors | The Bright Light Social Hour (and Israel Nash)
   Strangers of Our Time + Ethos | levitation room
   Western Playland + Freaks of Nurture | Holy Wave
   Soul Love + The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars | David Bowie (yeah, I know this didn't come out in 2016.
   yeah, I know Blackstar came out in 2016. but this is my favorite Bowie album and I can't bring myself to listen to Blackstar because
   I get too sad)

Ignore any misspellings, I typed this really quickly. xx

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