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Hi kiddos! It's been quite a while since I've written anything here, so I'm just going to dedicate a quick post to some songs I've been enjoying, what I've been up to, a jumble of things I've been purchasing, and some washed out photos of a closed-for-the-season place I love to visit in the summertime.

How long has it been since I've posted a weekly playlist? A few months!?! I think the last one was in October. Yikes. Anyway, there have been plenty of beautiful releases from some of my favorite bands and I've included some of them here. 2017 may already be a mess, but at least there is a heap of great music to get us through it? Enjoy this here list to temporarily numb yourself from the clutches of the "fake news" in your twitter feed and on your T.V. screen. (Oh and don't forget, if you need new music I ALWAYS make a monthly list on Spotify, so go check that out.)

   february 2017: week 3  
   Lovely, Lately | Night Moves
   It's True | Seeing Hands
   Under Cover | Ducktails
   If You're Gonna Love Again | GUM
   Flowers in the Muck | Flesh Panthers
   Bad Names | James Bishop
   Forever Signs | Sol Gems
   Wasting Time | Orchin
   Book on How To Change | Hand Habits
   Steely Dad | Drug Cabin
   It Just Comes and Goes | Old Man Canyon
   Bad Mood | Triathalon
   NOBO | Tijuana Panthers
   Fence | Soda Shop
   Darling | Real Estate
   Tired of Love | The Dig

what I've been up to:
Not much has changed around here, I've just been wildly busy managing my Etsy shop, illustrating portraits, completing design homework, and trying to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. I'm succeeding at the first three, but *surprise* failing at the latter. Also, it's been soooo long since I've blogged that I never formally announced the fun things happening on my Etsy shop: I have enamel pins and t-shirts and I'll be selling those stickers I promised back in November (very) soon. I'm also working on a secret project in my free time. Disclaimer: it will take quite some time to complete because I have very little free time. Here's a hint to keep you hanging--cowboys. I've also been spending time visiting horses. Horses are the most beautiful and sweet creatures and there's nothing like when they look deep into your soul with their huge, glimmering, love-filled eyes.

material objects that have stolen my heart:
As a result of working so much, I've been on a shopping kick. Yes, even more than usual. I find myself at Target and my favorite antique store about once a week to rest my wrist, weary from drawing and mouse-using (the computer-kind), and instead burden it with heavy objects that I may or may not need to clutter my home with. Actually everything I buy has a purpose (that's what I say to justify the torture my wallet undergoes). I've also been doing lots of online shopping. For clothes. Which are also much needed; my overflowing closet simply begs for more. And furniture. Here is a list of my favorite material things that I've acquired lately, so that you may too realize that you need them:

   + two vintage horseshoes from the '70s (probably my most favorite things out of all of these)
   + the girl power shirt I'm wearing here from Savage Seeds
   + hanging planter from Target
   + media console from Urban Outfitters (very excited about this one)
   + suede coat (so guilty about the suede part :/ but it was so cute) from Nasty Gal, but it's sold out now
   + vintage matchbooks from my fav antique store (these are so necessary for decor and lighting candles, obvs)
   + picture frames from Target and Urban Outfitters
   + fake cactus from Target
   + vintage plastic cowboy toys
   + black faux fur coat from H&M (pictured here, but I can't find it online)
   + vintage horse painting (ok, this might be the best thing I've ever purchased)
   + light wood that I made a frame out of for my horse painting
   + wicker chair from Target
   + lots of vintage photographs

Ok, I might do a blogpost on some of these things in the future. It only seems like I've consumed a lot because I haven't blogged in a few months, so I haven't shared in a spread out format (good excuse, right?).

Due to busyness, I haven't had many chances to shoot. Which is sad. Also, it's been cold and I'm not as wild as I was last year--wearing a short sleeve in 20 degree weather is no longer appealing to me. Wait, isn't that what I'm doing here? Yeah. Except it was 45ish degrees. It felt like spring. Anyway, I'll definitely be heading out to take more photos soon. Just enjoy these photos for now. This building is the best. I wish I lived in it. Until next time. Be kind to one another. xx

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