Mildly proud because I finally did put up the diy post I promised last week and now you can expect that little surprise (very) soon. Also, you may or may not have noticed that I updated my blog design just a tad. I drew and created new social media icons, including one for Spotify (you can finally follow me and get to all of those playlists without a problem!). I'm really happy with their simpler and cleaner appearance. If you scroll down a bit more, you will also find a new illustration in the side bar. If you click on it, you can see where else I am on that crazy Internet thing. I'm really excited to share that I was featured in three online publications--Chapter 7, Breadwinner, and Written Citizen. They are all run by lovely people and are definitely worth your time to check out. Now, onto the music.

New music from: Twin Fires, Triathalon 
Twin Fires' new single makes me so curious and ecstatic for what's to come, also I can't help but obsess over how perfect the album art is. | The new single from Triathalon !!! "I Want It" is really something. Triathalon always manages to come up with something fresh and completely unexpected, yet somehow fitting to the style they had established with previous works. This is a tune that has me dying to hear that upcoming album. 

Obsessed with: minds of our own
Lately, I can't stop listening to minds of our own and really anything by levitation room. I absolutely love how the EP takes you back with some classic '60s garage rock elements, but intertwines with psychedelic sounds to create something fresh, with just the right kick of nostalgia. Go listen. xx 

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