July: Week 4
   Now I Always Wonder If I Like It Here? | Early Ghost
   Alabama | Night Moves
   Skiptracing | Mild High Club
   Sad Girls | Bad Troubles
   Moving Slow | Alex Calder
   Crystal Ball | levitation room
   Blues Signal '79 | Ghost Wave
   Soul Love | David Bowie
   Cool 2 | Hoops
   I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him | The Drums
   Haters Be Learners | The Snails
   NeedLove | Needle Points
   Butch | James Bishop
   I Dreamt I Saw You In A Dream | Sunbeam Sound Machine  

Hey hey. We've got to catch up sometime (I haven't written a proper post in soooo long and July is near over--how alarming). I feel like that special blog post is coming soon though... You may not realize this, but I'm just teaching you how to be patient. I made you wait five months, the right time may just be approaching. For now, enjoy a peek at two new photos from a shoot inspired by my '70s vintage mags (I'm so excited about how they turned out) and a new playlist with some '70s influences throughout. Yay. I won't even be writing the regular update today, because I'm in a rush. Just go listen! And I included one of my favorites by David Bowie. (And new music from Mild High Club.)

But don't worry, I'll leave you with something to ponder over (one of my beautifully constructed tweets):

"going down the stairs is easier than going up the stairs, but that doesn't mean going down the stairs is easy"

See ya soon. xx

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