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   what you'll need:
   + print-out letters (search for free cut-out fonts online or download the ones I used here)
   + x-acto knife
   + scissors
   + white embroidery floss
   + washi tape
   + piece of cardboard

   1. after you've chosen your color scheme and font, print those letters on some card stock or watercolor paper | with your scissors, cut the paper into strips | make sure you've got your cardboard to protect your work surface because it's time to bust out that x-acto knife--the one we got a bit acquainted with in the last diy post

   2. you may be wondering why we are using an x-acto knife and not scissors... well, though it requires a bit of precision, the x-acto knife will make your job undeniably faster and neater--THE XACTO KNIFE IS YOUR FRIEND--so print an extra page for practice and don't be afraid to make mistakes | it doesn't take too much time to get the hang of it, so try out a few letters and move on to the real deal (it doesn't have to be perfect!)

   3. cut out all of your letters and keep them in order to make it easier to form the words later | tip: when it comes to round parts, move both the knife and paper, one at a time, but one immediately after the other | recycle your scraps!

   4. order your letters and form the words you had printed out earlier (this should be easy if you kept track of their order during cutting)

   5. locate your embroidery floss and lay out 3-4 feet on your work surface | leaving about a foot of thread loose, begin ordering your letters with the thread on top; start with the last word (the letters should be facing right-side-down) and spell it backwards, so "keen" looks like "neek"

   6. time for taping the letters! | cut .5 cm strips and tape the thread to the letter; make sure the tape hugs the thread tightly, so use your nail or the dull edge of your scissors to rub near the thread

   7. when all your words are placed and taped, leave another foot of thread and cut | all done!

   I hope you enjoyed this easy-peasy project. As always, let me know how it goes for you. Have fun with it! (And keep your eye out for that surprise... it's coming soon.) xx

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