July: Week 2
   Turn It Off | Froth
   Hotel Nowhere | Tomorrows Tulips
   Out of Tune | Real Estate
   No Sharing | Dog Bite
   I've Wasted So Much Time | Enjoy
   Still Youth | Lost Film
   Want | Tracy Bryant
   Fine Madeline | Plums
   Friends | levitation room
   Dorothy | Her's
   Milk Tea Baby | High Sunn
   quit | LANY
   Change Irreversible | Turnover

Yeah, I should just bury my head in the sand, like (not) an ostrich* because I didn't post anything this weekend, again. Hissing at myself**. Fortunately, I've got a DIY post all ready to go and I'm working on a little surprise, so this time, it's going to happen.

*fun fact: ostriches don't actually bury their heads in the sand
**fun fact: ostriches hiss to show disapproval

New music from: High Sunn, LANY
Ears are blessed with another gorgeous set of songs from High Sunn, Dead Romance. I've yet to write about their other albums, but every endeavor of theirs is just bursting with raw talent and skill. Go listen! | LANY released a little EP and though it doesn't stray far from their usual style, it draws interest to that something else, infectious and lovable, that something original to only them.

In concert: Turnover with Secret SpaceSPORTS
The most memorable part of the night, other than the lovely sounds that crept into my ears was, well, how I was melting, stuffed into a packed room at one of my most favorite venues. I left the house in a knit sweater tank and skirt, thinking twice about my decision and worrying that I'd freeze in an air-conditioned room (and if I'd make it on time because I didn't even care to notice that the show was an unusually early one). Despite my worries, I made it (sort of) in time and I was beyond thankful that I had dressed that way. The heat was a bit--ok, more than a bit--uncomfortable, but I had soooo much fun. Maybe sweating in a room full of strangers made it more of a bonding experience, we were all drenched together--one more thing to have in common other than our love for the music--and dancing, though our movements were rather lethargic. In a way, it was like that moment when it rains near the end of a concert with the vast, gray sky dripping down to the ground and you are simply a part of a sea of happy people who suddenly become your family for that short, magical time. Except this was for a few hours and not outside and there was no rain, just salty water collecting on skin and gravity pulling down on the beads until tiny rivers trickled down. Wow, I haven't even started writing about the music part yet; I didn't really expect myself to get that caught up in a description about sweating and dehydration, but it was just kind of fun and near run-ons are fun too. Back to the beginning of the show. Secret Space kicked the night off and to be completely honest, I missed about half of their set, due to my failure to check set times. Buuuuut what I did catch was absolutely beautiful (I'll definitely have one of their songs on my playlist next week). SPORTS played second and began by commenting on the heat, which I thoroughly enjoyed (along with the many other jokes they made). I had a major fangirl moment when they started playing; just a perfect set. By the time Turnover came on stage, everyone was soaked and slightly withered. Instantly that changed--the withered part not the sweaty part--when the first note rang out. I had the privilege to witness (yet another) one of the bands I'd listened to for many years and it was a dream, melting away how suffocating the room began to feel at that point. We were drenched with new songs and what seemed like classics (and in sweat). I danced a lot, everyone danced a lot and my favorite thing was seeing genuine smiles across many faces. An absolutely positive, beautiful experience. Something special.

Obsessed with: Subterranean 
I love this album. I love this album. I love this album.

Also, look at the gorgeous location I found for a shoot. I cannot wait to get out there and capture what I have in mind. Ughh, it reminds me of a long lost summer day. xx

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