This one's going to be a quick write-up (but really things should loosen up in July and I should be blogging more) and I will for sure have a little something ready to post soooon. 
New music from: Hot Hot Heat, Sugar Candy Mountain, Bad Suns, Blood Orange
Hot Hot Heat released their fifth (and final) album. Heartbreaking, yes, but a masterpiece nonetheless. I almost cried when I learned this would be their last endeavor together; I've been listening to Hot Hot Heat for the longest time and their songs will always be so special. But it truly is a gorgeous album. | Sugar Candy Mountain released their single "Windows" and it's already stuck in my head. | Bad Suns put out their single "Disappear Here". I cannot contain my excitement for their upcoming album. | Freetown Sound. What an album. I'm at a loss for words. I'd been waiting for some new Blood Orange for what seemed like ages and its early release was the best surprise. Really a work of art. 

Obsessed with: Timeline
This album is just all around lovable. I listened to it quite a lot since it was released and I just can't get enough of it. I also made a stupid snapchat video of a steamroller on the street with "Rollercoaster Baby" playing in the background and it kind of rekindled my love of  Timeline, so now I can't stop listening to it again. xx 

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