This week has been quite the whirlwind. I honestly have no idea how I accomplished so much on so little sleep. On Monday, I got the sudden urge to capture the beauty of spring before all of the flowers disappeared, so I abandoned all of my responsibilities and did just that (I will post more photos soon, I included one in this post). On Tuesday, I picked up on all of those responsibilities from the prior day, finished a painting, prepared things for my shop, embroidered on three photos, and went to a concert. I got home at about half past one, fell asleep by two-ish, and woke up at six. I ran on a little bit over three hours of sleep and hung up a large amount of my artwork for an art show with much vigor, after which I crashed and could barely stay awake. Today was a sleepy, frenzied haze and though I got so much done, I feel like I didn't get anything done at all; at least I made this playlist (and it's really good). A grand week it has been.


Like I mentioned before, I saw one of my all time favourite bands, Wild Nothing, at Thalia Hall on Tuesday. Let me just say WOW; it was a dream come true. They played at such a beautiful venue and gosh they sounded surreal. Charlie Hilton (from Blouse) and Chicago's very own, Whitney, performed prior to Wild Nothing. Charlie's voice was just a dream and the sweet sounds made by the rest of the band flooded the room with some kind of  '80s charm that was so perfectly juxtaposed against a bundle of melancholic lyrics--somewhat resembling those of Blouse's catalog. Whitney took the stage next and exuded sheer talent. Each song played was so full of emotion. Everything--twangy guitars, a trumpet, keys, bass, percussion, and a falsetto voice floating above it all--coiled together to form a strange and satisfying combination drifting from folk to psychedelic to soul. Wild Nothing came on stage sometime near eleven and the energy from the crowd doubled. I danced even more. The band played song after song. The sticky melodies of tunes from their newest album, Life of Pause, and old favourites like "Paradise" and "Live in Dreams" thundered in the room. A perfect mix of '80s influence, cloudy subtleties of surf rock, and dream pop drifted about us all and brought so many smiles to a sea of faces. Oh, how I wish I could live it all again. It still hasn't hit me quite yet--I was lucky enough to see a band that I've loved for such a long time, to hear songs that brought back so many memories and created new ones. This night will definitely go down as one of my absolute favourites of this year. The lack of sleep was most definitely worth it. xx

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