I'm back with my usual excuse--"I didn't have time to write". I guess what I should be saying is: I neglected creating an opportunity to write in the midst of a very hectic, overloaded week. I began reflecting on this since about halfway through April. I realized without taking the time to write something down during the week, I began to dislike the words I was piecing together everywhere else. So yesterday, I sat down at the computer and typed until I felt happy again. I came up with a few lessons I learned from taking the time to write. If you want to check it out (as well as listen to another playlist), visit my sweet friend's blog here to read more; I think it will help you fall in love with writing again (or for the first time). And now, without further ado, my review of XTRA RUFF

The four song EP first plunges into "I Need Ya"--a song found on the 7" tucked into a secret pocket and hidden beside the deluxe RUFF LP--which I first cried upon hearing in October. "I Need Ya" drenches your ears in a caress of loosely melancholic guitars and subtle, infrequent drumming followed by the gentle chanting of the three simple words etched in the title when the piece reaches its finish. A smooth transition brings listeners to the upbeat melody of "It Could Be So". Vocals remain soft, as if stretching the previous song, but begin to gain power along with the greater concentration of instrumentation. The second to last song, "You Loser", is also located on the special 7" and consequent to my first listen, became an absolute favourite of mine. Lalonde's quiet emotion and a tender guitar carry over from "It Could Be So", but morph into the yelps, riffs, and percussion which belong only to Born Ruffians at full force. With their sonic counterparts, the lyrics "we watch you suffer/breaking your heart for nothing" and "YOU LOSER" create a mild sweetness and abrupt distress which spiral together into one big masterpiece. XTRA RUFF unfortunately comes to an end after the fourth song (or after I begin crying). The final song is an alternate, breathtaking version of "Shade to Shade". The sound of a lone piano and bare vocals thunder in your head until about a minute of the emotion-filled endeavor remains and a hauntingly beautiful chorus enters and then exits. 

So, in other words, you should listen to XTRA RUFF and allow its rawness to sweep you off your feet. Hope you have a great weekend! I am going to try to post some free iPhone backgrounds I drew VERY soon, so keep your eye out for those. Until next time. xx

surprise! my dog decided to make an appearance...

denim top | Forever21
bolo tie | Forever21
jeans | Gap
shoes | Target
accent table | Target
record player | Urban Outfitters

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