Pacific Cruise | Foreign/National
Springhouse | Incan Abraham 
Blackout | The Gloomies
Just Like That | Fine Points
Easy Love | Whiite Walls
Misery | Big Troubles
Peach | Elliot & the Ghost
Valium | Hibou
Another Year | Fiancé
Manna | Heavenly Beat

I am writing this post while wearing black socks and black sandals. The snow--yes, it was snowing again today--won't keep me away from spring clothing any longer. That sounded ironic; I promise I wear my black sandals with at least one light(ish) colour. In fact, I'm wearing a gray striped t-shirt, so there. I've been on Pinterest scrolling through heaps of spring garments for the past twenty or thirty minutes and building up my contempt for cold, cold Illinois while making this playlist and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to match the album artwork for the first four songs. I'm pretty proud of the perfect colour scheme I've devised. During this brief chunk of time, I've dropped my phone about four...ahem...five times by pulling on the cord with my elbow. The temperature feels like it has dropped five degrees in my room. The heat has only been off for about ten minutes. I'm too lazy to get up and turn it on again. My brother is singing along (loudly) to the music streaming from my room and it is quite funny. Then again, his singing voice is probably better than mine. About a hundred thoughts have floated through my head, a hundred thoughts. It's all procrastination. This week I've been overcome by bursts of excitement, followed by periods of sitting idly, all repeated in a vicious cycle. I'm busy. I'm bored. I should be doing something of importance. Music is important. Writing is important. Creativity is important. So, I'm not actually unproductive? I've also been making lots of excuses. But hey, it's an off-week because last week was (kind of) a break. This week is not that way.   

 Anyway, it's time for another playlist (yay!). And again, it's Thursday rather than Wednesday. How did that happen? I have no idea. I was working on an illustration yesterday and I realised at about nine that it was, indeed, Wednesday. Oh well, I'll try to get back to posting in the middle of the week again. The enthusiasm I hold towards this playlist is fairly high, nearly as high as last week, so 'tis definitely worth a listen. Here is a super brief description: "Pacific Cruise" is one of the best songs by Foreign/National (at least I think so) and The Gloomies just dropped their FANTASTIC debut EP, Blackout, so I couldn't help myself and I threw in the title track. I recently discovered the band, Whiite Walls. Not only is their name pretty cool, but their material is, might I say, groovy--just what I like. The last song, "Manna", is one of my absolute favourites from Heavenly Beat. Enjoy your day. It's almost Friday, Fri-yay, whatever. xx

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