playlist + yellow flowers

Wow. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I illustrated, bought a few new plants, spent some time outside, took photos, and listened to records by my favourite band. 

I've had a cold since Sunday night. So, entering the outdoors  with a temperature of 70+ degrees (after being stuck in bed for the week) has put a never fading smile on my face. Driving with the windows down and listening to (very) loud music is the best feeling and I've missed it oh so dearly. Flowers finally dance on many trees and bushes in the wind and cast the loveliest shadows when the warm sunshine tickles the branches they line. 

This week's playlist is perfect for those warm, sunny days. I filled it up with some tunes from artists I recently discovered--Dana Swimmer, The Babies, Gateway Drugs, Arbes--and threw in some old favourites that I've been in love with this month. 

Last Friday, I braved the snowstorm and saw Twinsmith, along with Sunjackets and The Noise FM (who were amazing). Twinsmith has been one of my favourites for quite a while now and despite the snow, the night was quite magical. All of the songs sounded even better live and I had a wonderful time. I chose one of their older songs, "Only", to feature on my list. Go give them a listen. 

Happy Record Store Day and enjoy these photos! xx

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