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I  am still in disbelief that it is already April. It seems as if the weeks go by in a sticky cloud and the weekends slip through my fingers at a rate that continually increases, faster and faster. Last week was spring break for me. It was also a week of weather from everywhere on the map--sunny, warm, thunder, lightning, hail, snow, freezing, extreme wind. Just full of oddities. So, I guess I'll sum up what I was doing during the week and recommend a song from my April playlist after each story, because I am really excited about the music I found this month.

Freezing, but a beautiful Easter nevertheless. The sun peeked its head out from behind the clouds on occasion and I went for a long drive. My brother hunted for Easter eggs and colouring books and crayons that were scattered around the yard with the pure excitement of a child.
listening to: In The Sun | Hibou

I woke up to the disappointment of cloudy skies and cold rain, but with the determination to seize the day as a much needed workday. I sat down at my desk, paper, pens, pencils, watercolours, hair clips scattered all around me. I did some brainstorming and planning. I drew up a dozen little illustrations and pieced them together into something coherent and squeezed in some typography to make it whole. Running up and downstairs to scan in bits and pieces once every twenty minutes or so was quite the workout. I love spending days like this, especially when I do not have to worry about any other things.
listening to: Old Times | Parks, Squares, and Alleys

After a decent amount of sleep, the sound of my alarm crept into my dreams. I opened my eyes and saw the yellow sunshine dancing upon my comforter and skin. I gave up on hoping for warmer weather, so I decided I would drive to the beach, as long as it remained sunny. It was cold, but beautiful and I took a handful of photos (see them here).
listening to: Tradition | Heavenly Beat

I woke up early to meet a friend for tea. It was chilly, so I threw on a sweater before I left. Our time together was lovely and quite precious because I hadn't seen her in months.  Wednesday is shop at IKEA day when we're on break. My brother absolutely adores IKEA. I think even more than I do (which is nearly impossible). After I got home from tea, we hopped in the car and drove through the gentle drops of rain and the surrounding gloom. We must've spent at least two hours wandering around and we left with a few plants (Dorothy II, Andrew, and Arnold) who will hopefully live for longer than a month.
listening to: Dalton's Wish | Sports

A pretty crazy day. I rolled out of bed and immediately threw open my window and stuck my hand out to see (feel) if it was true. And it was--it had finally warmed up. It was supposed to rain, but the chance was fairly low, so I dismissed the probability and decided it would be a good day to spend with my mom and brother at the Botanic Gardens. After about fifteen minutes of driving, dark clouds began forming--clouds I had just disregarded the entire trip. They were forming in the opposite direction of where we were heading, so I just continued driving and exited the highway. About ten minutes away from the gardens and small drops began to fall from the sky, harmlessly. But within a matter of minutes, the dark clouds became a heavy curtain and we decided it wouldn't be too enjoyable to be caught outside during a thunderstorm. I settled on turning around before reaching our destination. I drove for another ten minutes, now in the opposite direction, while a few drops splattered on the windshield. We saw a few flashes of lightning in the charcoal sky. Out of nowhere, bucketfuls of water starting pounding the car. I could see a mere ten feet before me. It went on like that, with short pauses, for about fifteen minutes until the veil of rain would not stop at all. It had quickly turned into a mixture of rain and hail. At that point, visibility was even more ridiculous. I needed to stop somewhere. I made a terrifying, nearly blind left turn, not knowing where I would end up, and found the car in an apartment building's parking lot. The hail pounded on the metal and I tried my best to avoid thinking of the damage it was causing to my poor car. When it finally subsided, we ran out to check on the car. To my surprise, there was no damage. The rest of the drive was fairly calm with a few rumbles of thunder and light rain. It was actually a really fun trip, despite the fact that we didn't actually end up at our destination. 

The second half of the day was great. My favourite band, Born Ruffians, is posting a vlog every Thursday and the first episode was released that day (watch it here). It's a good laugh, as always. I also did some illustrations and spent some time on Pinterest. 

The cold crept in. So naturally, I went shopping to lift my spirits. I found a lot of great pieces to wear for spring (this actually makes me rather bitter, as it is supposed to be freezing for the next two weeks). I organized my room and took the night to catch up on portraits.

I met a friend for coffee and continued working on portraits, while housing contempt towards the situation outside. It. was. freaking. snowing. 

The sun finally decided to make an appearance after a series of gray days; though it was chilly in the early morning, I enjoyed the brisk air contrasting against its warm rays. I ate brunch and decided to spend a day outside. It became unusually warm within a matter of hours and I was quite comfortable in the ensemble pictured here. I spent about three hours walking around and admiring (what was left of) the blossoms, exploring, and drawing. The wind was so strong that it nearly blew me away. My arms and shoulders became slightly burnt, but it was such a sweet taste of summer. Too bad it's 30 degrees again today. xx
listening to: Youth | Beach Fossils 

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