playlist + an early trip to the beach

You Never Know | Grandchildren
Take My Hand | Palmas
Korean Food | Frankie Cosmos
LSD | The Gloomies
PCH | Tokyo Police Club
New Fields | Shoreline Is
We're Not Just Friends | Parks, Squares, and Alleys
Seaweed | Hockey Dad
Carl Sagan | Night Moves
Lust | Heavenly Beat 
Carousel | Painted Palms

I made a playlist fitting for a summer long gone many years ago. Cotton candy colours, soft sounds, an atmosphere of nostalgia. I don't think I've been this excited about a compilation in quite a while.

ARghhhhhh I only have a brief moment to write today (and I guess the only proper way to begin this sentence was as Pirate Laura?), but I have so much to write. Anyway, I visited the beach for the first time in 2016 yesterday. And boy, was it beautiful. 

The beach is one of my favourite places. Ever. I really don't care what time of year it is. I will always be happy where the land meets the water. Happy as long as I can hear waves crashing and smell the sticky air, see the seagulls swoop down, and peck at the cold rocks with indifference, feel the wind ruffling my clothes and hair. Happy as long as I can sink in the sand, let it run through my fingers, watch the children kick it up in clouds, chasing the seagulls away. Happy as long as I can trip over the rocks and land a little too close to the water. 

This time, it was quite brisk, the soft play of a group of bundled up children muffled by the crashing waves rung in the air. The atmosphere of some kind of vintage film engulfed me in subdued blues against my black, patterned collared shirt. A strong wind hit my face and hands and later my bare arms. Too cold for short sleeves, too cold for light sweaters. A few surprised faces scattered around, observing me throw off my windbreaker and sweater. Wind pierced right through my shirt, as if the garment was too lazy to protect my skin at all. But, I didn't care. It was freeing to loose that coat and pretend that summer had arrived, even if it was just for a dozen three minute intervals. It's truly a beautiful thing to have the ability to make tangible something dreamt up inside of your head. The summer haze which always happens to cloud my mind has become real and visible to everyone. These photos pull me into some other decade; just what I wanted for a brief moment. To me, something like that is worth freezing over for. Short and sweet. xx 

mom jeans | ASOS
collared shirt | Forever21
cardigan | H&M
bolo tie | Forever21
hair elastic "bracelet" (so trendy) | Goody
boots | Target

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