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I originally planned on sharing more illustrations in today's post, but I fell in love with this particular handful of photos and decided to only feature two. Recently, I bought a book titled "Every Day Counts" from IKEA. It was just $5 and not only is the photography gorgeous, but the idea of celebrating every day is something I strongly believe in. 

As I've mentioned in my earlier post (my playlist for the second week of March) I was doing a giveaway via Instagram of my "girls are super cool" illustration, pictured below, and I asked participants to share which women inspired them. I was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the responses I received. So many incredible stories of strong women. And I was most pleased to note that a majority of the women mentioned are active in the daily lives of those impacted. It is truly beautiful to be assured that we are living amongst such lovely humans in the midst of a troubled and tired world. 

With that being said, I feel like it would only be appropriate if I shared a few women who have impacted me, so here goes: 

1. I can't start this list properly without talking about the woman who is an inspiration to me every single day. And that woman is my mom. She has sacrificed oh so much for my brother and me. In her eyes, we are always most important. Not one thought regarding herself runs through her head, without us being cared for first. She has instilled strong values in me that are much too deep to be shaken. She has taught me to be patient, to never cease seeking the good in the world and in people, to resist judging those I come across, and most importantly, to trust Jesus with everything. 

2.  I've mentioned this before, but Audrey Hepburn is a woman I've looked up to for as long as I can remember. Not only did she look gorgeous, but her heart was gorgeous, too. She was full of grace and love for those around her and she just radiated sunshine.

3. I guess this point isn't devoted to one specific woman, but to all of the creative ladies I interact with on a daily basis. It never fails to amaze me just how blessed I am to be surrounded by such dedicated and passionate women. Each and every one of them inspires me with their unique ways of finding and exposing beauty. 

I included the responses I received for my giveaway below. Please take some time to read about all of the extraordinary women who serve as an inspiration to others. 

"My mentor Ariel inspires me because whenever I leave from a conversation with her I am always left encouraged, uplifted and inspired. She is a beautiful soul and I am so thankful that she is my mentor." - @jo.cecilia

"My church leader inspires me. She is the type of lady who brightens the day of every single person she interacts with. She teacher her kids and loves them with a love of a tender Mother. She encourages me in my photography and other things I love and constantly cheers me up when I need it. She will sit for hours with me in a brunch place and just let me spill all of the details of my life to her. I want to be a woman like that someday. One who leaves you feeling more loved and cared for and that your goals are valid and attainable." - @rosy.mosy

"@angelicaj inspires me everyday to be a stronger, better woman. Women rule!" - @minimalconfiguration

"@bea_monff I like Beatrice because she's so incredible and genuine. I really like spending time with her and talking about anything nd everything. We really get each other when we talk about vintage,local stuff"- @miiabrulz

"@linnpajilie one of my closest friend who inspires me in all aspect"- @stephanybydesign

"My mom is the most inspiring person to me. She has passed through many trials and tribulations, she has taught me so much about life and faith, and she has been a huge influence in my Christian life as well"- @jolenegolightly

"@sophieroads this friend inspires me because, despite moving all over the place (two countries in one year), she still loves and creates and lends a listening ear whenever."- @cate.marg

"My late mother inspires me to this day. Her unconditional kindness and love for everyone she met, showed me how a person should live: wonderfully and fully in every moment of everyday, seeing the beauty in everyone- no matter how mean or cruel-and loving them, anyways. I can only hope to become half the woman she was."- @natassja.s

"My mom, @kristatracy inspires me. A combination of traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine qualities: a bread-winner, a crafter, a hard worker, a sensitive, a past pom-pom girl, a present day foodie, and an all around lady-boss. She is the one who taught me work ethic, self-reliance, and who has always believed I could do anything; she also lead by example in valuing people for their differences and giving compassion freely. Love you, Mom"- @samanthanitti

"@rachelbarbone inspires me everyday, being twins and living on both ends of the country for the majority of our life isn't easy and growing up in a unhealthy environment together was hard but she shines a light on me and everyone around her and is my better half. She's going to do crazy good things for this world and I can't wait to watch and support her through it all! I love u rach! You are my inspiration"- @missssay

"I will have to say the human who inspires me the most is myself, I know it may sound weird or even selfish, but I inspire myself the most. It took me so long to really accept myself the way I am and the way I look. To really love how I am took me so much time, but I realize that I've been thru so much since I was a little girl, and the human that I am now is thanks to me growing as human. Each day I am fighting to be alive, everyday is a challenge for me, as you may know by know, I have a rare disease, and this disease has make me so strong. I will keep on fighting until the end of time. Life is so beautiful, we have to make the best of it."- @nightlensblog

"@lexicontreras !!!!! And she inspires me daily cause she's a young mom killin it. Such a strong hearted creative lady."- @emwhen

"The women that inspires me is Frida Kahlo, because she changed the face of beauty and changes how people don't just view beauty as the same generic thing. Blazing the way for unique people."- @cheyan.ne

"The woman that really inspires me is my ballet teacher. She taught me at a young age that numbers do not define you. That beauty is not something that you are but it is a feeling others feel for you. That I shouldn't let myself get down because of what others think and to be proud of who I am. I still keep these words close because they mean so much to me."- @i_stolethemoon

"Emma Watson. Growing up as a little nerdy harry potter kid i looked up to hermione so much and later found out that emma is basically hermione but better! Her scholastic success as well as her career never cease to inspire me. I am so glad to have someone this popular be this great and speak about real life issues this freely and with so much knowledge (e.g. her heforshe speech). If in doubt, WWEWD (what would emma watson do)"- @treeriam

"One of the women that inspires me most is Audrey Hepburn. She set a beautiful example of what true beauty is--a kind soul and a quiet spirit"- @mackenna.moriah

"Many women in my life inspire me, but lately: @lindsey.marty - a fearless traveller who follows her gut with a heart of gold and who's a here-to-stay kind of friend. Also, @kaitlynmclay a fellow fairy who is her own boss who works to help settle people's energies and find their path --- she is a natural healer"- @edith.birch

"I'm inspired by many incredible women on the daily but lately I've been feeling especially inspired by @doodleoodle. Her youtube videos inspire me to be creative, practice self love and go after what I want without compromising who I am. (The illustrations are beautiful btw)"- @wildflowerhearts_

"@honeystones inspires me with her endless creativity and noticing every small beautiful or enjoyable thing on earth"- @mandyandreee

"As cliché as this might sound , Michelle Obama inspires me . Her constant effort to uplift women and girls of all ages , is beyond inspiring . Her constant motivation given to women based on education is breathtakingly amazing! I love the fact that you can see she's so genuine and true . { I feel like that was abnormally long + so I apologize } Xox Hannah"- @teatimewithhann

"My inspiration is my little sister @jannyjan19. She's now a full grown adult with a boyfriend and everything but she has always been a teacher to me. She taught me to be patient, and to always give other the benefit of the doubt because you never know what someone is going through. She has had her fair share of trials, but they have helped her become the strong and talented woman she is today."- @shopbrickwall

sweater | H&M
mom jeans | Forever21
shoes | The White Pepper (via ASOS)
rings | Old Navy and vintage
"girls are super cool" illustration | soon to be up on my shop
"girl in cactus sweater" illustration | soon to be up on my shop
"every day counts" book | IKEA

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