March: Week 2
Cruel World | The Parlor
Gardens | The Death of Pop
Lovefool | No Vacation
She's Got The Right | Part Time
Sun Went Black | Springtime Carnivore
Chloroform | Phoenix
Stay Away | Palmas
Billie Holiday | Warpaint
Drugs | Private Island
No Goodbyes | Two Wounded Birds

This week, I made sure to include some amazing female voices--The Parlor, No Vacation, Springtime Carnivore, and Warpaint--in honour of International Women's Day. I also wanted to include one from Sales, but I was already at eleven songs, so I resisted. Lately, I've been in love with Sports (I'm talking about the band, not physical activity... exercise is ew) and Two Wounded Birds. The surf rock obsession is still going strong and the recent rush of warm weather only reinforced it. 

As you may already know from Instagram, I am doing a giveaway for the illustration pictured above. If you haven't looked at the details already, make sure you do. The winner will be announced tomorrow evening.

about the photo: More to come (hopefully) tomorrow. I will share a few close-ups of the illustration above, as well as some other pieces I've been working on. xx

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