Life of Pause | Wild Nothing
Telegraph | Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Little Girl | Weird Dreams
Fantasy Boys | BRONCHO
The Age Is a Gift | Balancer
Dream Shake | Memoryhouse 
Every So Often | The Family Rain
I Saw You | Beach Vacation

I honestly had no time to write tonight, and I was just going to let it go and post my playlist, but a few hours ago, I witnessed the most beautiful thing I've seen in quite a while. In fact, I couldn't help but let a few tears escape out of my stubborn eyes--I rarely allow myself to cry. My little brother saw his best friend for the first time since about a year. His friend is the only person, other than my parents and I, that he hugs back. The joy that first enveloped his face and then his entire self is too grand for me to capture with a mere combination of letters. I have no words to accurately depict the immense amount of love he had within him at that moment. My heart melted. I am just beyond blessed to know such amazing humans. Prior to these happy couple of hours, I was having one of those rare days during which I contemplated the terrible things that go on in the world and how it's out of my power to change them all. Small instances of unconditional love like this make me realize that there is always hope. Things are always beautiful in some way. Please keep that deep in your heart, always.

 So, here I am spreading a bit of my infinite happiness with this fresh playlist. I hope all of you are able to experience genuine moments like I did today. xx  

PS if you ever crave more music, I've been contributing playlists to Lace & Lilacs,  my friend Abby's lovely blog. Check out the latest one here

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