Today ended beautifully. The sun crept out from behind a cluster of dark clouds and kissed my floor with its warm glimmer just before it set. I opened my windows for a brief time and although it is January, the air blew in the faint scent of spring. I had the chance to capture some of today's happy moments with my camera. Now, I am listening to Curve of the Earth, and going through old photographs, looking for something new to sketch. For once, I am in no rush to get anywhere or complete anything. I have the yearning to write, but I have nothing significant to say. Sometimes it is better to just keep it short and simple. So, without further ado, here is my first illustration of the lovely Angelyn (you can visit her Instagram here and see the gorgeous drawings and pictures she creates), alongside a few photos I took during the brief shower of sunshine.  I hope to start a portfolio section on my blog soon; if you're interested, it will be a place where you can see my work in more detail than is pictured here. And if you don't already know this, I also paint in oils and watercolour (I have not really shared any of those pieces before). Maybe I'll include those, too. xx

P.S. If you were confused by the photo I posted with my playlist, it is true. Rather recently, I got my hair cut even shorter. It is honestly the best feeling.  

on my bed:
Local Wolves magazine | read online or purchase
(I'm excited to say my illustrations are now a part of this rad publication)
 sticker set | Tina Sosna
planner | Target
frame | Target

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