January: Week 4
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 | Pink Floyd
All My Love And All Your Love (Together We Are Fine) | Part Time
Keeping It Together | Twinsy
A Groove | Kisses
Mushrooms | JPNSGRLS
Hatchet | Sleepwalkers
Ghost Dance | The Bright Light Social Hour
Pool Guard | Inspired And The Sleep
S'Cooled | Blood Orange
Stop Playing With My Heart | Avid Dancer

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week is my birthday week so I compiled a groovy list of some of my old favourites and I mixed in a few new discoveries. Hope you enjoy and party (in the car, on the way to work?) through the remainder of the week. 

I know I mentioned this last week, but I will try my hardest to do a post this weekend... I've now done three playlists in a row (gasp). A rough way to start off the new year, but this January has been one of the busiest months for me. Ever. Check back for something new soon. xx


P.S. One of the coolest bands, The Bright Light Social Hour, could use a little help. Their van was broken into (and damaged) and quite a few of their possessions were stolen. Go here to find out more and give a bit of monetary support.  

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