birthday adventures pt. 1

On Saturday, I finally had some time to celebrate my birthday and I chose to explore my favourite part of town and visit my favourite coffee shop, Heritage General Store. It's truly a gorgeous place. That day, an abundance of natural light flooded the interior and brightened the already sunny atmosphere and made taking photos effortless. I'm not going to go into a detailed description of its innards, as I believe the pictures tell that story better than I can. Anyway, it was nice to relax and not feel rushed. I have a few more photos from other activities, but I want to post those another time. Happy Monday! xx

A little story for those of you who are curious about the moth on my jumper: I illustrated a few moths on Friday night and a friend and I joked about pinning one to our shirts and wearing it out to see the reactions of passersby. I didn't think much of it, but I decided to wear mine out on Saturday. I actually loved how it looked with my outfit and I even got a few compliments (and it made me laugh a lot). Now, the girl with a paper moth might try to make some clay moths and turn those into pins. (I'll keep you updated if that happens for those of you who'd like to snag one.)

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