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Lately, I've been bothered by how unappreciative we can be of all that we have. I have been encountering excessive complaints about the feeblest problems coupled with some kind of venomous jealousy linked to what others possess--whether that's material, mental, or physical. Maybe I'd be less upset if the latter portion was non-existent, but it is. Maybe I'd be less upset if this was happening at a different time of year, but it's happening now. Of course, I complain about little, dumb things, too. It would be a hideous, see-through lie if I had said that I didn't. But, that second portion is quite alarming. Especially during the holiday season. We should feel inclined to put away our differences and heavy emotions and, instead, come together and appreciate our blessings and each other. The holidays are about joy, family + friends, and love, not hate. With all the tragedy present in the world, we should be forming even stronger bonds with one another, not tearing the ones that we have or can potentially form apart. So, instead of making a list of what you wish to have, make a list of what you are thankful for. We need to remember that each and everyone of us has a different set of problems, as well as different instances of beauty and joy. Never be upset that you don't have what others seem to have. You don't know what they are going through or what they have been through. Trust that God has given you what you need and that you don't need any more or any less of what that is.

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This week's list is definitely slower than previous ones, but I absolutely adore it. Before Thanksgiving, I got to see Old Man Canyon and The Paper Kites; I was actually really tired and I did not feel like getting out of the house that night, but I did and I am so glad. The Paper Kites have been a favourite of mine for quite some time and I knew they'd be absolutely wonderful in concert. I didn't start listening to Old Man Canyon until earlier this year, but I instantly fell in love with all of their new songs (and I got to snag their new album which won't come out until January 15th). If you ever get the chance, go see either one of them (or both, if you're lucky). Anyway, hope you all enjoy this week's playlist.  

about the photo: It snowed again yesterday--not heavily, but just enough to dust the trees and grass with some white powder--and I couldn't help but take some instant photos. 

P.S. next week, I will be writing a little something about seeing my favourite band, Born Ruffians, in concert. I'm really excited. xx

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