playlist + a little concert review

This week's playlist brings with it many memories. I added quite a few songs that I listened to constantly a few years ago (Kurt Vonnegut, Forget It, Diplomat's Son, Money, and Wetsuit). Time seriously flies by. But the thing is, I did not grow weary of any of these gems; even today, I enjoy listening to them just as much as I did then. Especially Kurt Vonnegut... and the entire album--"Red, Yellow & Blue"--that it belongs to. Which brings me to the next portion of this post: a little concert review.

So, finally, after all of these years (I think it's been almost seven, now) I was able to see my favourite band, Born Ruffians, in concert. I barely even remember how I came across them but I did, and ever since then, they have been my favourite band. When I first listened to "Red, Yellow & Blue" I was mesmerized. It was incomparable to everything else that I had heard up to that point. Their sound was completely fresh and reviving. Frontman Luke Lalonde's voice is full of suprises--shrills and shouts and sudden bursts of angry tension--which pair incredibly well with outstanding, yet tiny guitar riffs, bass, and drums. Though a seemingly simple setup of three (for the first two albums), the boys did not at all seem to have an absence of sound in any crack or crevice. And that's what drew me to their music. It was full of life. It was full of emotion. It was, well, unique and imperfect in the best way possible. Despite some time passing and a (great) additional member (as well as a new drummer), this feeling has remained consistent for all four of their LPs. I never tire of them. I am always craving more. I could go on and on and on (hey, that's a song from "Ruff"), but I'll stop there and let you listen for yourself. 

Anyway, I was beyond exhausted on Tuesday night last week (the previous week had been pretty rough... "Ruff") but I drove down to Lincoln Hall and waited anxiously, regardless. After all, I had bought my tickets in July and I'd been waiting for this ever since I discovered "R, Y, & B". Young Rival, another great band, played prior to them; I absolutely adored their set, but I'll save that for another day. Born Ruffians opened up with my favourite, Kurt Vonnegut (the first song from my playlist) filling the room with that shrieky energy that only they possess, before plunging into Ocean's Deep. To be honest, all the songs chosen were infectious and (definitely) crowd-pleasers, just as I had expected. The room was jumping and alive. This is always partially due to the members of the audience, but also partially on the shoulders of the band. Born Ruffians bear a kind of confident, but not overtly proud disposition that draws the audience in within an instant and nearly pushes everybody around to move. They played fifteen, diverse songs plus one more, all satisfying for the crowd and perfectly encapsulating every emotion possible. Quite a few brought on a sense of nostalgia for me, heightening the greatness of the show. It ended too soon (although in reality, it was a pretty lengthy set) and I was lucky enough to snag a set list. If you ever have a chance to see them, go. You will not regret it. xx

P.S. I made a playlist of the songs they played that night, if anyone is interested. 

Ocean's Deep 
Stupid Dream
(Eat Shit) We Did It
When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away
& On & On & On
Retard Canard
Little Garçon
Don't Live Up
Let Me Get It Out
I Need A Life
We Made It

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