Feel Good | Walking Shapes
Infinite Cities | The Bright Light Social Hour
Bad Seed | Beach Weather
Feels | Swimm
Gingerale | Maudlin Strangers
Imaginary | Peace
Jungle | Panama
Undertow | Warpaint
Balloons | Foals

Once again, I am pretty excited about this week's playlist. I have several of my go-to bands tucked into the mix, as well as a few newbies. My friend, Elyse, introduced me to Walking Shapes and I have been listening to their material excessively, ever since. I also recently discovered The Bright Light Social Hour and Infinite Cities became a quick favourite. I chose Is There Anybody Out There for the concluding song, as I felt it brought a sense of balance to the list's entirety (annnnd I really enjoy listening to Swim Deep's album, "Mothers"). 

about the photo: I don't really know how this photo happened. I had about six different ideas before I ended up with it and, even then, I kept changing my mind about the details. I picked the rose from my garden at the last second, without scissors; every single time I pick roses, I forget my scissors. It is obviously painful (and not the brightest idea), but I guess I will never learn my lesson. Besides, flower picking is more fun without scissors. Back to the point: I am still debating whether I should make this part of my humans and plants series, so for now it remains an untitled piece displayed some place on the internet. xx

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