and the cold struck

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, the cold hit. And it hit with a harsh suddenness that I was not the least bit prepared for, nor were the poor plants. I was actually enjoying a pleasant autumn day amongst green grass and partially clothed trees and the next thing I knew, soft, colossal flakes were falling rapidly from the sky, coating the earth in a thick blanket and halting the remaining leaves' intentions to gently descend to the ground. I guess that's a Chicago winter for you; always full of (cold) surprises.

Even though my dislike for the cold is very strong, the first snow always conjures up a shred of excitement deep within me--an excitement that makes me want to go play and dance around in the whiteness (which is just what I did). The first snow makes me dream of the holidays and of all the joys ahead. The first snow makes the world clean and new, at least for a little while. What else? The first snow makes me want to... take photographs.

Like I mentioned in prior posts, when the cold strikes, I cheer myself up with clothing. So I put together a little outfit post, featuring my new favourite wardrobe addition--a bulky, fluffy, black coat. I left it as the statement piece by wearing a simple black, button down skirt with a black, cropped turtleneck underneath (oh, and with some black chelsea booties).

(quick) about the photos: I was FROZEN when I was doing this. Tears were involuntarily escaping my eyes, so I ran to the car every so often to warm up. It was a challenge, but as always, I had fun being crazy. And I love how they turned out. My favourites have to be the first two. xx

skirt | Urban Outfitters
turtleneck | Forever21
coat | H&M
booties | Nine West
plants | The Great Outdoors

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