80s | Ghastly Menace
Run | COIN
Little Grace | Hippo Campus
Slow Animals | The Strokes
Tablasaurus | Bear Hands
Dust | Twinsmith
Columbus | Snowmine
Bloodshake | Peace

This week, the playlist is slightly longer. I just felt like one more song was required to give it a feeling of completion; I always struggle with what to start and end the string of songs with. Also, my choices are slightly more upbeat than the ones belonging to the previous playlist. As many of you know, I hate cold weather and I took this opportunity to cheer myself up about the anticipated cool temperatures. (PS: I love The Strokes, so I just had to throw one of theirs in.)

about the photo: I originally took a similar photo for Instagram, since I came across an interesting brick wall. That day, I didn't want to post another average brick photo--although I love them--so I just turned it upside down for a little humour. Later, I went back and took one with my Canon. Gosh, isn't that an interesting story? xx

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