Love Me | The 1975
July | HUNNY
Ocean | Flor
New Daze | Cheerleader
I Can't Control Myself | Strange Names
Mom Jeans | Heyrocco
What Was Golden | New Navy
Swoon | Beach Weather
The Darkest Side | The Middle East

It has become a habit for me to make my playlists at 2:00 am, so I guess we will never know what songs I would have chosen if it were day time. Anyway, here is the bunch that has embedded itself in my mind this week. I featured a few old go-tos (like The Darkest Side, which is really a breathtaking song) along with a few new releases from Friday, as well. Also, this weekend, I got to see COIN and Colony House preform, with Flor. Of course, COIN and Colony House were amazing, but so was Flor. Before that night, I had never heard of Flor, and now I am obsessed. Hope you all enjoy! 

about the photo: "Trapped" is another one belonging to my plants and humans series. This little photo session was going on near a busy street, outside of a forest preserve, so me lying on the ground with my head covered looked fairly suspicious (I guess). So suspicious, that a sheriff pulled over to make sure I was alright (oops). And, I didn't move a muscle until the photo was taken, so he wasn't convinced until I finally got off the ground. My only reaction was to burst into a fit of laughter. Sometimes, ahem most times, I can't be serious. xx

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