diy | leaf stamped tee

what you'll need:
black or white fabric paint
small leaves (mine were from a rose bush)
a tee with a pocket
a plate (for the paint)
q-tips or toothpicks

1. test out the size and position of your leaf; make sure the pocket is flat where you will be stamping (if it's not, iron it) | squirt some of the paint onto the plate, spread it out so that the entire leaf can be pressed into it (you can use a q tip for this); work quickly, as the paint dries up rather rapidly

2. take your leaf and gently lay it on the paint; use a toothpick to press down each leaf and the stem, ensuring that every part is coated in the paint | tip: this works best while the leaf is freshly picked; if not, it will start to wilt and become floppy, making it challenging to stamp the shirt

3. press the leaf to the shirt where desired; you may want to use a toothpick again to get every part of the leaf to touch the fabric | after a few seconds, gently lift the leaf, starting at the stem

4. let the shirt sit for about ten minutes; the paint dries quickly, but there may be portions that were coated thickly in paint, so they will take longer to dry

Remember: if there are imperfections, that's ok. You really can't do this DIY project "wrong". Nearly anything that happens looks gorgeous. (But, if you're really nervous, you may want to try one out on a piece of paper before you go on to the shirt.) I'd love to see how yours turned out; please let me know and leave a photo! Happy stamping, everyone! 

about the photos: These were a fun bunch to take. As I was working, the sun began setting and light came seeping into the room, thus some in progress shots were drenched in sunlight. Special thanks to my hand and shirt model (who also took the very last photo--above). xx

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