I'm back with another playlist! At this point, I think my blog has unintentionally become a music blog, which I suppose I should've seen as a potentiality from its conception. However I am not willing to declare it so, as I have roughly four rolls of film and three disposables from forever ago that I haven't developed and I need a space to share them. And where else would I pen juicy stories about life at my desk and the rare occasions I leave it? Journals don't work for me. I need the attention this blog receives (ok, the supposition of attention it generates). And most importantly, what would you do without my eloquent blathering? So, let's continue to classify what we have here a 'lifestyle blog'. Especially because this upcoming week arrives with the potential of a long overdue recollection of the 6+ months I've been absent from here (a catch up post!!). Maybe. Or I could just make a list of all of my dream shoes instead. We'll see what happens. 

Back to music. Shockingly, I didn't get a chance to put together a playlist for the earlier portion of May, so this will have to do for the whole month. I had a tough time deciding the order of these songs which doesn't happen very often, but I ended up with a pretty darn smooth-flowing list. So listen to it in order if you can!

    may / part one + may / part two
    Where Do You Go / Bonny Doon
    Tricky / Born Ruffians
    New Day Tonight / Michael Rault
    Farther Away / Sam Valdez
    Babysitter / The Ruminaters
    Fox / Spooky Mansion
    You, Forever / Sam Evian
    Message Erased / Deeper
    Canyon / The Echocentrics (feat. Alex Mass & Jazz Mills)
    You and Your Knife / The Buttertones
    Name on a Matchbook / Springtime Carnivore
    Far East Man / George Harrison
    Me Myself / Las Rosas
    Fool / Molly Burch
    Tracy Had a Hard Day Sunday / The Clientele 
    Who's to Blame / Good Morning
    In A Mirror / Born Ruffians

Yes, there are two Born Ruffians songs because they're my favorite band and because I saw them last week. It was the best. show. I've. ever. been. to. This really should be written in all caps and in bold (heavy emphasis on best. show. ever.), but I'll reserve that kind of excitement exclusively for twitter. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and playlist and poster. On the topic of the poster, lovely typeface Savate by Wech, is from the Velvetyne foundry.

P.S. I was racing against my mouse's battery life and I lost. It died and now I have to use the arrow keys on the keyboard and it's really challenging. I will never forgive Apple for not coming up with a mouse that can charge WHILE you use it, but that's ok. Enjoy your memorial day weekend! Steal the aux cord from your relatives and play this playlist. They're guaranteed to love it. :) xx 

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