Well, this playlist is long overdue. I have an infinite amount of work to do within a very limited amount of time, so I've been putting blogging on the backburner, as usual. Anyway, in between class, homework, work, and life, I need a break every so often. And just because my job happens to be doing what I love, a break consists of doing more of that. Which is why I made this poster. Just for fun and to do what I want to do, rather than doing something I am required to do. I might make more posters, I might not. Maybe I'll post more design work in general, but no promises. For now, I hope you enjoy this poster and my playlist. I recommend listening to it in order because the songs transition pretty well into one another. I feel like I say this every time, but I'm really excited about this one. Seventeen is just a perfect amount of songs I guess.

   september / two
   Fish On The Sand | Allah-Las

Hopefully, I'll write a post catching up on the past couple of months. When that'll happen, I have no idea. My schedule is pretty crazy for the rest of the month and with the holiday rush I anticipate it will only get busier. I definitely have to post some photos too. I've been taking some during moments in between everything. Look for another playlist soon. xx

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