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Hi everyone! It's been a while, but I am well and full of ideas as ever, just busy, busy, busy. Anyway, I'm dropping in to talk about a little collaboration I did with my friends over at Stickerapp. Remember the phone cases I designed? Well those same lovely people make custom stickers too! As always, the quality is amazing, the process is easy, and the options are plentiful. Simply upload your file, and choose how you want your sticker cut, the size of your sticker, the sticker material, and the quantity of stickers you desire. There's no waiting for a proof back, because you'll be able to see a mockup right away. And if you see an imperfection or kink, simply leave a note and they'll have it fixed for you. (Bonus) production and shipping are also pretty speedy. And what better excuse is there to try making your own stickers than with the holidays around the corner? I know I would love to receive some stickers. xx Laura 

P.S. If you're interested in my stickers, I'll be posting an update on all of the fun things going on in my shop (including stickers) very soon. Yes, you have to be patient and keep your eyes peeled. I promise this time, it won't be too long.  

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