I'm not going to pretend that I don't realize this playlist is thirteen songs long and I'm posting it on a Tuesday (because I've fallen way behind); I realize that. But, I'm really excited about the songs I chose. This jumble of tunes is wonderful for summer drives and includes one of my favourites to scream along to on such occasions. 

Anyway, here's a little update/rundown:

New music from: Old Man Canyon, Young Rival, Hala, and Twin Peaks. 
Old Man Canyon released a single and I am already obsessed. | Young Rival released their EP, Strange Light, and I got it in the mail on Friday. It is beautiful and perfect for summer and I can't stop spinning it. Go buy it/listen to it/enjoy it x1000. | Hala released Spoonfed and it is the new and refreshing sound I've been craving. Definitely deserves a listen. | Twin Peaks released their second full-length, Down in Heaven. If you want to hear some great rock, look no further. 

In concert: Hippo Campus with Riothorse Royale.
Riothorse Royale opened for Hippo Campus and I was blown away by beautiful vocals. Talk about girl power! I am excited to hear more from them. This was my second time seeing Hippo Campus and wow. SO. MUCH. TALENT. Really. Listening to their recorded songs is one thing, but hearing them live is truly an experience. If you have the chance, do see them. 

I've just been listening to these four albums a lot this month. 

Goldie oldie: "Foxes Mate For Life".
I mean this isn't really an old song, but I've been listening to it for quite some time. This is the jam to scream along to while driving. There's nothing better than Born Ruffians for those kinds of car trips. Plus, what's more fun than capturing the attention of various strangers at red lights? Not much, eh?

I am on summer break now. FINALLY. So, I will hopefully be posting more regularly. I will try to post my playlists every Wednesday, like in the good old days. Also, those iPhone backgrounds will be coming, as promised four other times. xx 

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