Out Loud | Clones of Clones
Peru | So Many Wizards
Lydia | Highly Suspect
Everytime | Foals
Daddy Issues | The Neighbourhood
I Wanna Take You Out | Part Time
Dust On The Ground | Bombay Bicycle Club
Destroyer | Panama

This playlist contains some fairly slow tunes in comparison to those of past lists. Instead of accumulating songs in the late hours of Saturday, I did so yesterday evening and I added in a few extra songs today. Although I completed the list just hours before writing this post, I didn't feel it to be a rushed labor. I still put the usual amount of thought and care into it. 

About two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see Foals and Highly Suspect in concert. The venue was slightly big for my preference (although it was far from huge) but I managed to arrive early and secure a decent spot, quite near the stage. I wished to see Foals in concert for a few years and I was thrilled when I finally had the chance; even more so when I learned that Highly Suspect would precede them. I had a wonderful time and I danced like mad. Highly Suspect put on a fantastic show and the audience surely enjoyed it. And Foals. Wow. They were just wild. (They played my two favourites, London Thunder and Inhaler.)   

about the photo: The album covers featured on this week's playlist have some pink in them, so I was instantly drawn to the pink accents surrounding this door. The rest of the photo just happened. 

P.S. Here is a little clarification for those confused about how to access my playlists. The first link (the one with the month and week) is the link to the entire list. I also create links to each separate song, in case you desire to visit a specific song. If that doesn't seem to work, you can just find all of my lists by searching for my username "lauralucy_f" on Spotify. 

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