playlist + a velvet dress

The Christmas Song | Nat King Cole
Sleigh Ride | The Ronettes
Little Saint Nick | The Beach Boys
Winter Wonderland | Johnny Mathis
Here Comes Santa Claus | Elvis Presley
Frosty the Snowman | Ella Fitzgerald
White Christmas | Frank Sinatra 

I know there are some new and amazing Christmas songs out there, and perhaps you expected to find a compiled list full of them here, but to me, there's nothing better than a set of the classics. So, this week I am straying from my usual indie list and sticking to those Christmas oldies. Besides, I am most definitely an old soul with a soft spot for some nostalgic tunes.

The past few days have been gray and gloomy and rainy. December (at least in Chicago) means snow, snow, snow and temperatures in, at most, the 30s. Currently, it is 56 degrees. There was a thunderstorm earlier today. The wind nearly blew me away. I am just as confused as could be. This crazy weather has also made it impossible to take the photos that I wished to. I've been fostering the ideas for this shoot for over a week, but every time I venture out to the proper location, the weather prevents me from actually executing them. Despite a piercing cold wind, I took a few decent photos (yesterday) before a massive, charcoal-coloured cloud rolled in and absorbed all of the light. I resolved to go back today and complete the shoot, but conditions were even worse than before; it was even more windy, not to mention pouring rain. Anyway, here are the five photos that turned out all right.

This post was supposed to be about my crushed velvet dress that I bought to wear on Christmas. There's really nothing more festive than some velvet during the winter holidays. I kept it simple and didn't add any jewelry, other than a dainty ring that was not visible in the photographs. I paired the dress with my trusty chelsea boots to make it less formal. I fell in love with this dress because it was so easy to wear (not to mention incredibly comfortable); it is plain, but interesting. The crushed velvet appears to give it some subtle variations in colour (not very visible in the photos, due to the improper lighting conditions) and the two slits make it more flowy than a typical maxi. I'm not usually a fan of dresses that hug me, but this one was an exception.

P.S. to make up for the lack of pictures, I've got a special Christmas-y post ready for tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. xx

dress | Forever 21
shoes | ASOS
invisible ring | vintage

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