Eyes of a Stranger | BESTIE (feat. Humans)
Supernatural Silence | Strange Names
You're Better | Glass Towers
The Lonely | The Ugly Club
Shift-Alternate Version | Grizzly Bear
Dissolve Me | alt-J
Wetsuit | The Vaccines
Magic | Panama
Clouds | BØRNS

I always dread the approach of late October because it signifies the true start of low temperatures, which I have a strong distaste for. To rant about my hatred of cold weather is not the purpose of this post, though; I'm here to bring you another playlist. This week, I am very excited about my selections. I love all of these songs and I could listen to them over and over again without becoming fatigued. Overall, it is neither too fast, nor too slow. It's just a mix of those that have been getting me through this week (and through putting up with the rental car that actually has an amazing radio). So, go out and enjoy your fall  activities and have a listen.

about the photo: I guess I'm not a huge fan of the trees changing colour and becoming bare, but the street looked quite lovely when it was wet and dotted with leaves so, naturally, I sat down on the cold/wet ground to snap a photo. You have to sacrifice a little bit of yourself for art, eh? xx

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