a b o u t

Hi, I'm Laura (maybe some of you know me as Lucy, that works too). Contrary to popular belief, my full name is not Laura Lucy F. I do have a last name (Filas). I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and I run my own business (this little Etsy shop here) to which I devote every moment possible (and only every fiber of my being). I also illustrate for an independent, bi-monthly magazine called Local Wolves. I am currently in school full time for graphic design.

I pay too much attention to details and I'm a bit of a workaholic and a perfectionist. It's really easy to make me laugh and I'm the type of person who will remember something funny from years ago and begin laughing in situations irrelative to what I remembered. I spend lots of time photographing abandoned places and/or myself at abandoned places. I'm really inspired by old, run-down, eye-sore buildings in the suburbs. I hate the suburbs, but I love being challenged by the suburbs to find beauty where it's overlooked or ignored. I frequent antique shops and I collect old magazines and photographs and matchbooks (and plastic cowboy figurines). The '70s were really groovy and my taste in clothing (and music, sometimes) is often influenced by that decade––the very same decade that tends to make others cringe. I like to write, which is partly why I started blogging years ago. I am a music-enthusiast and avid concert-goer and vinyl-collector and playlist-maker. I use Spotify so much that I don't even want to admit those year-end statistics that they provide you with. I chronically stay up too late (mainly because I'm still working) and I tend to get most creative between 11:00 and 2:00; the problem is, I like to wake up early too because I love the softness of the sun and the feeling of a long day. If I wasn't an illustrator or graphic designer, I'd want to be an interior designer; nothing gets me more excited than buying furniture or picture frames or decorating shelves/the mantle/side tables/anything (nothing, except adjusting tracking/kerning/leading). My favorite season is summer. I have no luck when it comes to playing Bingo, so I stay away from gambling, though something tells me off-track betting might be an option. I am a dog person, but I love all animals (especially horses). I am also a plant person. I have an obsession with American deserts, but I've never been to one. I'm a major fan of print and packaging-design, but I share a concern of the same aptitude for the environment, which is often where my job and ideals clash. I use so. much. paper. ugh. I work with lots of mediums and I always like to try new ones; my current favorites are: colored pencil, gouache, collage, embroidery, ink, graphite. 

I feel like you must now know everything about me after reading that, but if you want to learn even more, be bombarded with music recommendations, share a mutual love for dogs or cacti, or educate me on off-track betting, feel free to get in touch with me