Oh man! It's been a few months since I've touched my blog and I've really missed it. I also haven't
been making any small playlists lately and that's been nagging at the back of my mind for much too long, so I finally pieced this one together. So far 2018 has been dazzling for new music. Plenty of albums that I know I'll be listening to for many years to come have arrived (including the best album you'll ever listen to, Uncle, Duke & The Chief !!!!).

Coincidentally, I chose to take the time to write my post and make a poster this very weekend--that special window of time during which all of the projects I am working on should be near completion, but aren't yet. So I'll just leave this list here and hopefully write a post on what I've been up to for the past couple of months soon. Enjoy!

  april / one
  Getting Loose | Dick Stusso
  Ring That Bell | Born Ruffians
  Rainbow Skies | Jorge Elbrecht
  Leap of Love | John Moods
  Shades | Alexandria Savior
  How Was I Supposed to Know | Holy Wave
  Escalator | Good Morning
  Tiger | The Gloomies
  Voices Carry Through the Mist | The Surfing Magazines
  Cry On Me | CHAPPO
  TTYL | Morabeza Tobacco
  You Know You're Not Alright | Nicholas Franchise
  Another Day | LIGHTWASH
  Sick Bug | Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  Memoria Colorida | Winter
  I See You | Paul Cherry
  Only A Moment | Sunflower Bean

Quick note: I've had a few people ask me how to access the full playlist and since it's been a while, maybe the rest of you need a refresher. Every playlist title is linked to the full playlist, so simply click on 'april / one' and you'll get a neat playlist of the songs there. The songs are all individually linked too; if you just want to check out a particular song, click on the one that captures your interest. xx

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