july 17 / two
   The Old River | Aron D'Alesio
   Last Crash Landing | Blank Range
   Midsummer | Katie Von Schleicher
   Mr Unlucky | Foreign/National
   Pine and Clover | Chad VanGaalen
   Road Head | Japanese Breakfast
   Gliss | Baywaves
   Nothing Bothers Me | Triathalon
   Chess | Joon Moon
   True Believer | Widowspeak
   So Polite | Summer Salt
   Smoke Machine | Jesse Woods
   Wrong for You | Molly Burch
   I Know How You Get | Mk.Gee
   Light of the Moon | Sharaya Summers
   Are You Still Mine? | Obliques
   August in My Mind | The Fresh & Onlys

I cannot comprehend how tomorrow is the last day of July. As always, my favorite month comes and goes as hastily as a fly who does not want to be swatted. As of today, I am officially done with my summer classes. Equating to the fact that I will now have a few weeks left to catch up on the personal projects I was busy with only in my free time and that I no longer have any excuses to leave incomplete. This week, I already devoted a significant amount of time to bringing to life the ideas that I've had written down in my notebook for months. As a result, I feel reinvigorated and eager to share what I'm creating after a long moment of what felt like, well, stagnation. I've been working with more color and mainly colored pencils rather than markers. I'm still on a graphite kick though and of course, lots of negative space remains in my work. On that topic, I don't think I've ever devoted any time to writing of what inspires me and the meaning behind my pieces; perhaps I will create a post of that sort in the future. Anyway, I put together this playlist for you. It's a bit slower than usual, I think. I really can't tell if it just seems that way or if it actually is. There's lots of fresh tunes and a few that I never stop listening to. It just felt like a summer evening when I was putting it together and the photo I took was taken at sunset and it just clicked that way for me. There's also something nostalgic about it. Maybe it'll be the same for you. Enjoy. xx

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