We're well into July now, so it's time for a July playlist. How is it already the 15th? I've been working about 12 hours each day this week. Things I had left unfinished piled up more quickly than I expected. I have a research paper I should be working on--I've been pushing that to the back of my head the most. I love writing essays, but starting them is something I don't love. 

I just finished re-backing and repackaging a batch of 100 enamel pins, which was both relaxing and boring. And now I am eating a slice of watermelon, thinking about the other 100 I'll have to back and package and the irritating mosquito bite situated below my collarbone, and writing this, instead of finishing my homework. The past couple of days have been unbelievably cool for July and I've had the windows open--no a/c. It's also been the perfect temperature for driving around with the wind disrupting my hair and pushing (too short) strands into my face. I took a little road trip today, lacking a destination and listening to this playlist. I think it's a good one for aimless wandering. I almost enjoy the absence of having a place to be more than a planned trip. I tend to accumulate more ideas and become more receptive of beauty amongst my surroundings when I've nowhere to get to. Anyway, go enjoy this playlist and a sunny July day and maybe some wandering (and sweet watermelon). xx 

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