june 17 / two
   Diamonds In The Distance | Swarming Branch
   Is It Too Much To Ask | Faye Webster
   Hey Spaceman! | Tracy Bryant
   Rewind | The Undercover Dream Lovers
   Marigold & Gray | TOPS
   Baby Blue Motorcycle | Charles Brand
   Steady | Strongboy
   Eye on You | Sugar Candy Mountain
   Based | The Symposium
   Waiting on Me | New Rose
   Feel Like Giving Up | Eyedress, Teenage Granny
   Venus | Television
   Phase | Triptides
   Caught in My Eye | Kevin Morby
   I'm Just Snacking | Gus Dapperton
   Ordinary People | Twin Peaks
   Diamonds | Kevin Krauter

It's already the end of June, so I guess it's fitting to squeeze this playlist in before the month is over. My weekly journal is going to be delayed until tomorrow because I have just been busy, busy, busy. I block printed all day on Monday, so hopefully I'll get that diy up soon too. Currently, I am about to start working on two new pieces, so I've got to wrap this up. But before I do, I wanted to mention that two of my favorite bands, Carroll and Night Moves, released new music videos. And they're both sublime. Check them out (Carroll's video for "Red Giant" and Night Moves' video for "Kind Luck"). Hope you enjoy this playlist. xx

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