best of 2016: pt 1

So, here we are again. 2016 has been a particularly shimmering year for music (not really for anything else), but also deeply saddening--with the loss of David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. This year, my list has come to 81 LPs/EPs long and my free time has dwindled down to a few hours a week (probably less), so I won't be writing little reviews like I did last year. A part of me wants to ignore all of my responsibilities, stay up until three in the morning for a couple nights, drink too many cups of (really) strong black tea, and write them anyway. But, that's not going to happen, so instead I'm putting all the love into making art for each playlist and a picture is worth a thousand words, eh?

Why 81? 81 is just a cool number, probably cooler than 50. 50 is boring and too short. 81 is a lot of albums (and a lot of fun). Let's go it 27 at a time. It'll be like your discover weekly, only slightly shorter and every song will be amazing. 

In no particular order (except for the fact that the first 27 may sort of be my most favorite), here are my favorite EPs/LPs that were released this year. Song first, album, then artist. Here we go.

   Hollow Tree + Delirium | Old Man Canyon
   Come Thru + Cold Shower | Triathalon
   Fire Escape + Blackout EP | The Gloomies
   Summer Running + Premium | Sam Evian
   OBLIVIUS + Future Present Past | The Strokes
   You Loser + XTRA RUFF | Born Ruffians
   Hour Glass + Wavy Daze | Balue
   Valentine + Is The Is Are | DIIV 
   Wildcard + Golden Daze | Golden Daze
   Whenever I + Life of Pause | Wild Nothing
   No Woman + Light Upon the Lake | Whitney
   Strange Heat + Calico Review | Allah-Las
   Night Ride + City Club | The Growlers
   The Getaway + The Getaway | Red Hot Chili Peppers
   Sorry Bro + SALES LP | Sales
   A Great Snake + Do Hollywood | The Lemon Twigs
   This Day & Age + Stirrings | Max Gardener
   Not Gonna Kill You + MY WOMAN | Angel Olsen
   Holding Roses + Down in Heaven | Twin Peaks
   Too Dark + Next Thing | Frankie Cosmos
   Motel Reflections + Accidentally | Pro Teens
   Wet Mouth + Desire | Nanami Ozone
 And here's where I would normally begin the fun part--writing about each album. But, I can't. Instead, I'll leave you with this: these are all really great albums and you should take time to listen to ALL of them. Every single one deserves your time. Enjoy (and let me know your favorite). See ya in 2017 for pt. 2 and pt. 3 (or if you are impatient and in charge of the aux cord tonight, here's the full list). xx

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