This week I had the most insane to-do list... and I'm still not through with it. I packed about half a month's worth of work into four measly days (and today, so call it five). On Wednesday, after packaging orders, running errands, cleaning, rushing to the post office, embroidering yet another hand holding flowers (I made FIVE this week), and illustrating a fox for a logo, I was utterly exhausted. The one thing that had been lingering on my list (other than designing a phone case) was a shoot I had dreamt up weeks ago. I didn't think I could muster the energy--and I definitely didn't think that the pouring rain would let up--but I jumped into the car as soon as the ominous clouds grew paler and the water stopped beating down on the already saturated ground to buy bubbles at the convenience store--that sentence sounded much more promising, but yes, my mission was to obtain a bottle of bubbles. It was late, the store was empty and nearly closed, and I grabbed the last bottle available at the expense of giggles from the cashier and a few dollars. Back to the car I ran and drove right home. Quickly I stumbled upstairs to my closet, smiling at my victory while I threw on a shirt that I thought would marry my idea with my surroundings. I tossed a pair of shoes, the bubbles, and my camera into my backpack, picked up my tripod, put a leash on my dog, and headed out the door and into the most disgustingly humid evening.  

At this point, I feel like that paragraph is turning into the short story I didn't want to write and I should insert the heading Chapter 2. There's a lingering, surface-level feeling that I'm writing this to avoid the completion of the rest of that to-do list--to avoid designing three t-shirts, a wedding invite, and that darn phone case. 

My plan was to head straight to the public bathroom--yes, the most horrifying place I could ever imagine up--after making a quick stop to pick some wild flowers and to start working the magic with my camera (and bubbles). I met my friend with a confused look, standing outside the bathroom. To my dismay, my original plan was shattered to pieces when I learned the bathroom was locked. It is never locked. Why did it have to be locked the one day I actually needed it? Discouraged and annoyed with how many things had gone wrong that week, I thought I'd just call it off, go home, take a shower, and go to bed. As I began slowly walking back towards the distant gate, I saw a warm, gorgeous reflection in the windows of the building I'd passed by so many times. Right then I knew it was the most perfect solution to my problem. A million mosquito bites and a sunset later, I had the photos I dreamt of--those two up there at the top are some of my favorites. Sticky and barely awake, I ran home with my dog and friend in the darkness. I guess I say this a lot, but if something doesn't work out, it's usually for a reason and what results is oftentimes much, much better than the original idea. See, this story had a point, sort of. #yayforstorieswithamoral

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this playlist and the two photos. Maybe next week I'll post the full series.

I'm putting together that pompom diy post, so keep your eyes out for that (this week!) and I will actually write about music instead of myself next week (!) See ya then. xx

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