June: Week 3
   What Problem | Horsebeach
   North Pole | Hazing
   Fall Right In | Beach Fossils
   Fear Grows | Tourists
   Courage to Talk | High Sunn
   FAB | Furnsss
   It's Over | Roses
   Days | Weird Dreams
   Closed Doors | Playdate
   Second Skin | Zen Mantra
   What Once Was | Her's
   Heavenly Moment | Swim Deep  

The weather this week has been absolutely crazy. One day, unbearably hot, the next, abnormally cool. Sometimes the sky is littered with clouds, ready to explode into a storm, sometimes the sun beats down unstoppably. It has really made getting out to take photos a bit challenging. I finally made the decision to brave the humidity last night and I produced a little set of photos I'm pretty happy with. More coming at you next week (probably). And now, the usual rundown:

New music from: Weird Dreams (+ High Sunn, Playdate, Zen Mantra, and Her's)
Weird Dreams released their sophomore LP, Luxury Alone. This one is a bit on the slow side but that doesn't mean the songs are any less beautiful. I especially love the song, "Days". Go give it a listen (and check out their first album too). | I added some new tunes from High Sunn, Playdate, Zen Mantra, and Her's. They've all been out for a few months, but they really caught my ear as of lately.

In concert: Beach Fossils (+ Swim Deep)
About a week ago, I finally got to catch Beach Fossils in concert! It was a dream and I was absolutely in love with the night. It's always so surreal to witness one of your favorite bands working their magic on stage. There's honestly not much more to say. It was so beautiful. | I was (almost) able to catch Swim Deep. I bought tickets the day they went on sale, which was months ago, and believe me, I was ecstatic. I've been obsessed with Swim Deep since I heard their first album (so for quite a while now). After Mothers was released, I became even more obsessed. That sophomore album was a completely different concept and I loved it. When the time finally came, I was heartbroken to wind up unable to go. I will forever regret missing the show (or until they come back? which I hope is very soon).

Obsessed with: Natural Instinct
This one is by High Sunn and I can't get enough of it. Natural Instinct  came out in late May and, wow, I never grow tired of hearing those twelve songs. It's light and airy and a perfect one for summer. xx

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