Look! My playlist is almost on time! Yay! I'm not going to write too much because today is finally the day I share all of my special photos with you. I went through a lot to capture each and every one of these (including a horrible scare when some crazy, irrational man unexpectedly swerved into the empty lot I was in and zoomed about 50 mph through it a few feet behind my camera before making the most dangerous left turn I'd ever witnessed; I was literally frozen in my tracks and I thank the Lord nothing actually happened--fun fact: the car he was driving had flames painted on it and after he left, I just started laughing about that because I can't ever take anything seriously, especially when it's painted in such way). I really hope you'll enjoy these and get the '70s vibes from some of the songs (mainly from "Just Because", "Border on Border", and "Souvenirs") and photos. xx

Now a quick update:

New music from: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Parks, Squares, and Alleys, Slow Hollows, Heyrocco, Star Parks
Yes, so much this week. And they are all such beautiful songs. Special shout out to that new one from Parks, Squares, and Alleys because, like everything they create, I never want to stop listening to it. 

Obsessed with: Pennied Days, Don't Dwell
Pennied Days  came out a bit ago but I still never tire of it. I have it on vinyl and it's definitely one of my favorites to spin. Don't Dwell is Star Parks' new debut album and it just sounds like summer. 


   jacket | Zara
   shorts | Urban Outfitters
   black silk tank | H&M
   red floral shirt | Forever21
   shoes | Chinese Laundry

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