Zen A | Surf Rock Is Dead
Miss You | Oh, Malô
Nectarine | Mr Twin Sister
Not My Girl | Tokyo Police Club
RIP Sophie Moore | Boyscott
Time | Ski Lodge
Nu Suave | The Buttertones
Are You Sure You're Really Busy ? | Blood Orange
Always Love | Old Man Canyon
I Wanna Take You Out | Part Time

I suppose I'm kicking March off with a fairly mellow playlist and that is for no particular reason. Though slow, this handful of songs causes me to reminisce of warmer days, which will hopefully arrive very soon (but.... the fluffy white horror is coming back tonight, so I don't know if that wish will be granted as efficiently as I'd like it to be). Nevertheless, exciting, exciting, exciting news--Tokyo Police Club (FINALLY) released a new single! "Not My Girl" is the perfect summer jam and when I hear it, I can not wait to have a fresh slice of watermelon while dancing.

 I slipped one in from Part Time and one from Blood Orange, as I am always hooked on their songs, regardless of the season. The rest are all gems worth listening to. I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week and enjoy this spring-y list, friends! (Oooh, and I plan to have a post up this weekend, so keep an eye out.) xx 

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